Do you want to teach your dog basic obedience?
Are you interested in starting competitive obedience or want to build
your dogs confidence around new people and dogs?
This is the class for you
Wednesdays 7pm
at  St Andrews Church, Raleigh Avenue, Swindon
What can I learn?
All dogs in this class are at the beginning of their obedience training. The beginners class focuses on four main exercises that are important in obedience and general day to day life with your dogs. These include the COME WHEN CALLED (RECALL), RETRIEVE (FOR FUN), WALKING ON A LOOSE LEAD WITHOUT PULLING (HEELWORK) and STAY. Each exercise is varied and incorporated into different scenarios and sometimes games during the class. Also work on common problems such as JUMPING UP.

• This is a class for all dogs
• There is no need to have completed a puppy course
• We will help you along your journey in training your dog
• We will be going at your and your dogs pace

How much does it cost?
£10 to join the club or £5 to join if you have completed one of our Puppy Courses then £3 per class thereafter